7 Reasons to Move to Los Angeles


Let’s be real – there are a lot of reasons to move to the beautiful city of Los Angeles. To further prove how awesome Los Angeles is, everyone moves here for completely different reasons. Whether it is the food, people, the fact that it’s Los Angeles you are moving to, or the sea of opportunities that are presented to you upon your arrival, this is a city in which you can thrive, grow and have fun day and night. If you are thinking about taking the leap of faith and moving to the dreamy city of Los Angeles, you will find a lot more than you think. Below are 7 reasons why you should trust your initial instincts, and move to LA.

The Weather

This is one of the most obvious reasons to move to LA, but it is true. LA weather is one of the best benefits you will be receiving by becoming a resident. You might experience some rain here and there, a few times over the year, and it can get quite hot during the hottest months, but the heart of the film industry is most known for its paradise-like weather. It’s what pulls you in and keeps you here. Boasting a Mediterranean climate, and nestled on the beach with the perfect mountain backdrop, Los Angeles is the perfect place to enjoy the summer basically all year round.

The Location

As we have already brought up the amazing weather benefit that Los Angeles can offer you, location is another thing. If you want to go skiing and swimming on the same day, and if you are quite indecisive, Los Angeles will offer the best of every world. You will always have the benefit of choosing what you want to do, and being able to do it. Not to mention the amazing benefit of having LAX just around the corner, with opportunities to go wherever your heart desires. Easy access to the entire world is what makes this city even more amazing – even though you will always look forward to coming back home. The location – unbeatable.

The Show

No matter what interests you, and what you love spending time doing, you will always find the perfect place for yourself in the city of Los Angeles. Theaters galore, you are bound to see celebrities perform live, and if you are more laid-back, you’ll find tons of local bands entertaining the public no matter where you go.

The Cultural Diversity

About two hours from the Mexican border and lovely San Diego, the city of Los Angeles is heavily influenced by its Latino neighbors almost as much as its Asian neighbors just there to the west. This explosion of culture is mirrored in the LA cuisine, fashion and vibe altogether. Wherever you decide to go to grab a bite, you’ll be sure that it is authentic.

The People

Los Angeles is the city of great minds, and if you are going to experience your breakthrough – it’s going to be here. Numerous artists who were fed up with the rest of the nation, were looking to find a place where they could finally be understood and recognized for doing what they love most. You can always be yourself in this hectic, diverse city, as it is extremely welcoming and friendly. There are amazing educational and job opportunities that will enable you to grow and thrive, and there are a lot of brilliant people you can run into on a daily basis. Your life can change in a single day when living in LA, and that’s what makes it all the more exciting.

The Food

If you want to experience the tastes from all around the globe in only one day, you’re thinking of Los Angeles. You’ll find a lot of food trucks around the city with exquisite, authentic foods – and fine diners won’t have trouble finding a place for them either. There is something for everyone in this beautiful city, and if you are a foodie – you’ll love the fact that you’re living in LA. A myriad of options around every corner is what keeps people coming and never wanting to leave.

The Art

This might also be quite obvious, as Los Angeles is flooded with talented, artistic souls, but it needs to be pointed out nonetheless. Ranging from street mural to architecturally innovative buildings, art lovers will love spending time strolling around the city and enjoying the amazing art that it is packed with. With world-class museums aplenty, you will never feel like there is a shortage of art when living in the amazing LA.