10 Best Coffee Shops in Los Angeles


Los Angeles is known as the city that never sleeps, and when a city never sleeps – it needs a lot of coffee. No matter what your needs may be, whether it’s the perfect place to go for a brunch, or a simple buzz, exquisite coffee is what keeps the residents of L.A. running. What does a coffee shop need to be considered good, or one of the best? And where should you go for a good dose of caffeine? Searching for the best coffee shops in town, we have found the 10 best places to swing by for a recharge. You’ll be needing it.

1.      Triniti

Focusing on their exquisite coffee choices, Triniti doesn’t offer much space wise. However, they definitely make up for that with their amazing beverages, and wide selection of coffee choices to choose from. You’ll love watching the team work and prepare the coffee, as they really do have a unique way of doing so, and you will quickly realize just how much attention to detail they pay when it comes to coffee. You’ll love spending time here, enjoying oak-milk lattes, ginger-spiced chair and single-origin pulls galore. No matter where you are going – Triniti will become your must-stop.

2.      Menotti’s Coffee Stop

You’ve read that correctly. Not a shop, but a stop, Menotti’s Coffee is an amazing option for everyone looking to get their coffee and continue on with their hectic schedule. They focus their attention on the quality of coffee that they serve, and the variety of beans for you to choose from. Most locations don’t have many seating options, as their brand is basically coffee to-go. The Sunset location is a take-out window with no seating at all, but if you are in the hurry and looking for an amazing coffee option to keep you going Menotti’s is no brainer.

3.      Endorffeine

If you’ve had enough of the cookie-cutter, quirky coffee shops that are perfect for your Instagram story – you’ll love spending time in Endorffeine. Not that we don’t enjoy a good coffee photoshoot or cutesy setting. Offering a minimalist vibe and quite straight to the point, Endorffein enjoys attracting customers with their amazing Drop Coffee Roasters and Sey Coffee beans. With an amazing selection of coffee options, you are bound to find at least one or ten that will keep you coming for more. The owner can often be found behind the counter and preparing drinks, and you will easily get a personal, cozy vibe from the entire setting even though it doesn’t seem like the typical coffee shop. If you need an exquisite refuel and you’re in the area, make sure to check this place out.

4.      Highly Likely

Located in West Adams, Highly Likely is hands down one of the community favorites. A friendly atmosphere surrounds the entire space, and the modern setting adds on to the pleasant feel you will be getting by spending your time here. The coffee menu is straight to the point, not too long but interesting, unique and creative, and Highly Likely also offers some of the best bites in the city. Also an amazing dinner spot, business keeps booming once the sun goes down, with an amazing late night menu, unique vibe and beers and wines to choose from. It really does offer the best of every world, which is why we are confident in the fact that it will easily become your go-to soon

5.      Verve Coffee Roasters

When you are in the need of a unique place that offers a diverse cuisine, amazing coffee-based drinks that you possibly couldn’t find anywhere else and a good time – visit Verve. Expanding around the city, and featuring the new location in the Arts District, which is a huge, two-story, 7,000 square-foot coffee shop and roastery, Verve has easily found a spot in the hearts of the LA residents. You’ll easily find multiple locations throughout the city, where you can try some of the classics of the Verve menu, including espresso, nitro cold brews, amazing snacks to-go and beans that you can buy, you will find much more to this coffee shop than good coffee. They offer a wide selection for their customers, and are capable of satisfying everyone’s coffee palate in the most satisfying way. Make sure to support their business when in the area – you won’t be disappointed.

6.      Go Get Em Tiger

If you have ever paid a visit to Grand Central Market, you will know about G&B Coffee. One of the most popular coffee stalls owned by Charles Babinski and Kyle Glanville, now has six locations throughout Los Angeles. Their newest location, rapidly becoming one of the local favorites – is located at the Music Center in Downtown LA. Go Get Em Tiger has easily become one of the best coffee shops in the city, due to their unique charm, attention to detail and diversity. Their consistency is what keeps customers always coming for more, and there are a lot of options to choose from. This to-go spot is perfect for a run-by when you need an excellent, quality coffee buzz, paired with a lot of pastries, brunch options and even retail items. They also offer coffee drinks made with their own brand of coffee beans. They seem to never disappoint, which is why you should definitely pay them a visit next time you’re in the area.

7.      Cognoscenti Coffee

Once a pop-up, Cognoscenti Coffee now counts three locations for you to choose from – Culver City, South Par and the Fashion District. Each location boasts a unique, industrial aesthetic, with an amazing selection of beverages, espresso-based drinks and pour-over coffee options from well-known roasters such as Ritual, Phil and Sebastian, Counter Culture and Wrecking Ball. Oftentimes, you will find seasonal drinks popping up on the menu, along with new roasters and tea choices. You can also purchase beans, scales and grinders at each of their shops, and you will truly feel how much love is put into this business. No matter what you end up choosing, there will be no mistake – so visit Cognoscenti Coffee as soon as you get the chance.

8.      Civil Coffee

One of the favorite hotspots in Highland Park, Civil Coffee is much more than just a unique, quirky coffee shop that is almost always packed with clients. A lot of people love visiting this destination for its work-friendly space, amazing coffee and tasty bites to grab. There are a lot of seating options inside the coffee shop itself, that provides you with a cozy setting – and when paired with their amazing baked goods, breakfast option and toasts – you’ve most definitely hit the jackpot. As the espresso rotates quite often, the specialty coffee drinks and tea options stay the same most of the time. You will love spending time here, enjoying a nice day, staying productive with your work or simply relaxing with the amazing smell and taste of coffee surrounding you.

9.      The Paramount Coffee Project

The leading Australian-owned café in Los Angeles, The Paramount Coffee Project, is probably one of the most interesting places to grab a cup of exquisite brews. With two locations, on Fairfax and Downtown Los Angeles, you will find this coffee shop as one of the most unique and attentive places to sit down and enjoy your day. Offering an amazing menu to grab a bite, along with their amazing coffee selection, this team makes their own almond-macadamia milk and takes the world of coffee quite seriously. Don’t we all? Make sure to stop by when you have the chance, and try their amazing cuisine paired with excellent coffee options.

10.   Eightfold Coffee

Telling a story of its own, Eightfold Coffee offers a large variety of beverages to choose from – from matcha latte and herbal tea – to some killer espresso options. Snacks galore, this amazing, minimalist coffee shop offers matcha chia pudding, avocado toast and other breakfast options that will sweep you off your feet. An amazing setting for being productive with your work, Eightfold Coffee will easily become one of your favorite places to spend time.