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1. Will movers pack for you?

Almost every moving company offers packing assistance, and this should be brought up before your move takes place. Packing supplies are charged separately, which is why you should always consult with your sales representative regarding the entire packing process and what to expect from it.

2. How much do movers charge per hour?

The only way to know for sure how much you will be charged by any moving company is to give them a call and request a moving quote. How much you will be charged can depend on the number of factors, and some moving companies are more affordable than others. Keep in mind that while it might be tempting to find the cheapest movers, you are better off with the most reliable ones as you probably want a positive moving experience.

3. What does movers and packers mean?

Other than the name of our company, movers and packers is a special moving service often referred to as ‘full pack service’ or simply ‘full service’. This means that our movers will arrive at your location, tackle the process of packing on your behalf, help you relocate, and unpack your belongings at your destination – which means that you wouldn’t have to do a thing.

4. Are movers more expensive during the weekends?

This is completely unique to every moving company, as each has a different policy when it comes to how much they charge. Most moving companies do offer more affordable moving rates during the weekdays, as most people tend to move on weekends and they want to fill any open slots. Make sure to ask your moving company about this and possibly save some money by moving your moving date around.

5. What will movers refuse to move?

Flammable, toxic or any kind of hazardous items most likely won’t be moved by any professional moving company. Alcohol, weapons, toxic chemicals, liquids or solids, and similar items will not be moved by Movers and Packers LA.

6. How do movers charge?

This also depends on the policy of every company, as some can charge hourly rates or flat rates – and might have different starting times for charging their clients. Movers and Packers LA starts charging our clients once our movers start working, and stops once your move is completed.

7. When should I book my movers?

Once you figure out the date of your move, you should give your movers a call and reserve them. The best time to give them a call is at least 4 weeks before your move, to ensure that they still have an open slot on the day of your choosing. If you are looking for a weekend move, or a move that is close to the end of the month, consider giving your movers a call 5-6 weeks in advance, as these days are when most people are looking to move.

8. How many movers should I hire?

The sales representative of every professional moving company will suggest the best number of movers for your relocation, as this is based on a number of factors. The complexity and size of your move, along with other unique factors such as heavy or special items can make all the difference when looking for the best number of movers to complete your relocation.

9. Will movers take my bed apart?

Like with other heavy furniture you are moving, your movers will disassemble your bed. Movers and Packers LA sends our moving crews with a complete set of moving equipment and tools to ensure the smoothest handling of your belongings and keeping them safe at all times. Disassembling your belongings at your starting location and reassembly at your destination is included in every relocation we are hired to tackle.

10. Why tip movers?

Our movers work for their paychecks at Movers and Packers LA, which means that tipping them is not mandatory or even included in our rates. If our movers have completed a great job, and provided you with a successful relocation you are satisfied with, you are always free to tip them as much as you would like as a nice gesture.