Welcome to Movers and Packers LA - the best local movers LA. We are a company that deals with local moves and can provide different types of services. Unlike some Los Angeles local movers we have affordable prices and all inclusive hourly rates. If you are determined to have a stress free move and you are not willing to spend too much time in planning and organizing everything, hiring local movers and packers is just the thing for you. Movers and Packers LA is the company that likes to take all of the responsibilities and turn them into a pleasant experience for our customers. If you are moving locally and you are still looking for a reliable company, take a look at what we can offer..

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Simple and easy moving services will help you dedicate your time to some important details before your move

As an experienced moving company, we have learnt that people do not plan the moving process to be that complicated. And with the right Los Angeles local movers it will not be. If you are trying to plan everything on your own, you will just lose a lot of time and nerves, when you can leave everything to the professionals. As a part of our standard service we will pack everything, wrap it with plastic wrap and blankets, protect it additionally from all potential damages and disassemble all of your items. Our local movers and packers are specially trained for lifting the heavier items and they will use dollies for easier transport. Loading and unloading services will go efficiently, since our mover knows exactly how to load everything into the truck, in order to unload it fast and safely. This is all part of the all inclusive hourly rate that our company provides.

Your dedicated Movers and Packers LA will be with you every step of the moving process

From the moment you first call us and decide to make a reservation with us for your upcoming local move, we will make sure that all of your requests are taken care of and we will try our best to perform the move the way you like to be handled. Our local movers and packers have they own way of working and they always come up with a special plan perfectly designed for your move. Based on the pieces of information you provided our movers will make a plan what to pack first, what needs to be double protected and what they wil disassemble. They will bring floor runners in order to protect your property as well. Your move will be accommodated with special care and everything will be delivered without any damages. This is one of the reasons why we are one of the best Los Angeles local movers.

mover holding box
mover holding box

Making a reservation with a company has never been easier

We have two ways of providing a quote - over the phone or via email. This is how the process works:

You will call us - You can also receive a quote online, but then you will be receiving a call from our representative for more details. We like to hear the customers and explain everything over the phone

We will ask couple of questions - In order to provide you with the more accurate quote, we need more details - size of the move, date, zip codes, approximate list of items

You will hear our price and everything that is included in the service - It is important for you to hear all of the services that the best packers Los Angeles provide. Everything is all inclusive and there are no additional charges.

We will answer your questions - If there are any additional questions, our representative will be happy to answer them.

You will put down a deposit to secure a spot - We require a small deposit in order to schedule your move. The deposit is fully refundable and it will be applied towards the final balance at the end of the move

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