Local Movers – Revealing The Usual Misconceptions!


Thinking of moving? We are as excited as you are! But, are you ready? Nope, scheduling local movers is not considered as ready. We mean are you really ready? There are many details involved in moving and in order to help you overcome them easily and worry-free, you just need to keep reading and follow the steps. And yes, you should probably give up the idea to move on your own, and start searching for professional movers that will make the whole process much easier. So, are you ready to start? 

I have a good memory, I don’t need to write everything down…

The golden rule of moving – write everything down! Oh yeah! If you rely on your memory, things will probably go downhill. And that is something that you certainly want to avoid. I mean, that is the whole point of hiring local movers, right? So, before you start with anything, get a notebook that will be dedicated to the moving exclusively. You will use it for all that fun things, such as planning your budget, creating to-do lists, writing down all the information that local movers are sharing with you, etc. If you ask me whether to write down all the local movers Los Angeles you have called – no need. On the other hand, if you ask me whether you should write down the name and the phone number of the local movers you hired – I would say, DEFINITELY! You will be surprised how many people forget which local movers they hired. And the nightmare begins usually on a moving day when you have to call every company on a ‘local movers near me’ list to find out which professional movers are coming to your address. It doesn’t sound like a stress-free move? Well, it isn’t. Also, when gathering the quotes, if you can tell by the voice on the other side that they sound shady, just avoid them, and don’t even lose a lot of your time on asking all the questions that you wanted. That leads us to the next tip…

Local movers will explain everything, so I just need to find movers that fit my budget and book them

Prepare the questions for your local movers. And you will have plenty of them, trust me! There are different companies around the cities that are big such as Los Angeles, and some local movers might explain every single detail to you, while the others might wait for you to ask things. I would say that every professional mover should explain everything related to the price you are paying, what is included in that price, and whether there are some additional charges. Hiring local movers is usually not just the manpower, but they come with some sort of equipment, and you should know what they will bring. Oh, don’t forget to ask your movers Los Angeles if there is a double drive time fee because most of the local movers in California think that you already know all about it. But you are not a part of the professional movers’ crew, so how on Earth would you know that, right? Now you know that you should ask – they will see that you have some experience with moving and they won’t be able to upsell the things you don’t need. 

Finding local movers can’t be that hard – I will just type ‘local movers near me’ and schedule the best company there

Mythbusters – when it comes to finding professional movers, it is not enough to type ‘local movers near me’ on your internet search. Good things never come to us easily, right? It is true that typing local moves near me is a good starting point, we cannot argue that. But what after that? Ok, don’t panic, it is not that hard. So firstly, like for any service that you are looking for online – you should read the reviews. Select a few local movers that you would like to call to check what rates and services they are offering, and then scroll and check their reviews on Yelp and Google. Don’t be discouraged by a couple of bad reviews, moving is such an industry where bad things can happen. The main thing is how do local movers resolve those situations. But, if you see an alarmingly lot of bad reviews, you might want to skip that one. After you did your background research, it is time to call all the local movers that remained on your list. And go back to tip number one – writing it down. Learning more about local movers will help you decide what moving company works the best for you. And do try to schedule them at least a few weeks before your moving date. You will be surprised how early in advance professional movers get booked up. So make a good plan and a timeline when it comes to your upcoming local move. And don’t just make those, make sure to follow them as well. 

Professional movers have enough manpower and trucks available for any date and time

If only life would be so simple as booking local movers for any date that suits you. It is not, unfortunately. You will have to think of the errands you are doing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis in order to find a perfect date when your local movers will be able to come to help you out. Most of the people are aiming to move on weekends, which means that most of the professional movers are usually booked up for the weekends. If you are aiming for the weekend too, make sure to schedule your local movers far in advance. A big secret that professional movers are trying to keep is that the price might be lower on working days. This is perfect for those who are moving on the budget. If you would like to say a couple of dollars (why not), you can free your schedule and move on any weekday. In this case, you might want to consider taking a day off work in order to be there with your local movers and coordinate the whole project. 

Packing can be done in a day or two, easily! 

The worst thing is coming (yeah, it can get worse) – packing. You might be thinking to give up at this point because there are so many things that you have to keep in mind. But think about your local movers, at the end of the day, they are doing the biggest part of the work, and be grateful that you are left with mainly organizational tasks. Now, let’s go back to packing. First things first, you have to decide whether you want to pack at all? No, I don’t insinuate that you should get rid of all belongings, even though it might sound like a good idea at this point. No! You can hire local movers to help you with packing as well. Oh yeah, that way you will be left with only one task – opening the door for your professional movers. Okay, and picking up the moving date. So, if you go with this option, you can freely skip the whole paragraph, because now we will talk about packing on your own. If you decide to go with the DYI option, you should know that you will have to take care of the packing boxes, which is not the case when you have the help of local movers, they can bring their own packing supplies. But, when you are packing on your own, you will have to do your best to be packed up and ready to go at least the night before your local movers arrive. Which means you will have to have a plan of action. The timeline should be created and it should include packing the least used rooms first and then moving towards the ones that you use daily. Of course, you can leave some items, such as a couple of glasses or cups to pack them up even when your local movers are already there, they won’t mind. But there are many situations when people assume that professional movers will help them when they see a complete mess around. The reality is – when you don’t schedule a full pack service, your local movers are coming unprepared. And the local move will start on a bad note. And that is something that we all want to avoid. So, create the timeline and pack it up accordingly. 

When it comes to the actual packing part, local movers always advise their clients to pack the heavy pieces in smaller boxes. Not only it will be easier for your professional movers to carry them and keep the items safe, but the box will maintain until the end of the relocation. Also, make sure that there is no empty space in any box, so get enough packing paper for those purposes. 

I will memorize where I packed what, no need for labeling

You will be thankful to yourself if you label the boxes. Not only local movers will place them in the appropriate rooms, but your life will be much easier when it comes to unpacking. It will last at least twice less than it would when the boxes are not labeled. 

I will unpack everything once we get to the new home

Come on, you can lie yourself this much. Do you really think you will have the energy, the time, or will to unpack every single box that is brought there by your local movers? You didn’t do any physical work, that is accurate, but still, you will be tired. That is why you should pack up an essential box that will contain everything you might need during your first day or first night in your new home. Some relocations might last that long that even your local movers will have to take a day off tomorrow. 

Kids can help on a moving day with some simple tasks

Kids under the age of 10 cannot help you when moving. Unless they are baby Hulks, in that case you probably won’t need local movers at all. The general rule is that the kids and the moving sites might not be the best combination. Just imagine the scene where local movers are carrying your heavy furniture, while your little kids are running around playing hide and seek, and your dog and cat are having the access to the open door all day long. Sounds like a heavenly plan? Maybe not. You don’t even want to think of consequences. The same thing goes for your lovely pets. Think about it – local movers will need to keep the door opened, and they don’t want to take responsibility for your missing pets. On the other hand, it might be stressful for them. So, the best solution is to find someone to take care of your loved ones until the local movers leave, and then you can all together enjoy the time in your new home. 

I don’t need to check the moving truck, local movers did it

It’s not the fault of the local movers that you haven’t checked the truck before they left. The same goes for your old home or the office or the storage. Professional movers are there to help you with heavy lifting, and with the strategy for moving in the easiest manner. But you will still have to have some responsibilities. We know, it sucks! Sorry, but there is no other way. So, before your local movers leave your old place, make sure that everything is loaded into the moving truck and that they haven’t left anything behind by accident. Most of the professional movers will ask you to sign the document that confirms that the local movers unloaded everything from the truck. They will ask you to check, but even if they don’t – you should ask them. 

Finally, if you need help from professional movers that are one of the best companies in Los Angeles, don’t hesitate to reach out to Movers and Packers Los Angeles. We are available 7 days a week and we are looking forward to answering any questions you might have! Looking forward to working with you!